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about Me.

Hi, and thanks for visiting my website. In case you stumbled here by mistake and don’t know me, i’m Paul Toal and live in England with my wife, two daughters, dog and cat.

This is my place to tell you all about me, my hobbies, my interests, and my work. 

Feel free to browse around and I hope you find something interesting.


My Professional Skills

So what can I tell you about me professionally?
Solution Engineering

Specialising in pre-sales, i'm equally as happy getting my hands dirty
on a Proof of Concept as I am meeting with C-level executives.

Consulting Background

In my view, the best Sales Engineers are those who have been there and done it. I have a Consulting background in small & large System Integrators.

Strong Communicator

I regularly speak at events, have published numerous whitepapers, and regularly contribute to Oracle's Cloud Security blog.

Cyber Security

Security is what I know and love. My entire 20+ years in IT has been focused on security-related technologies., such as Identity Management.


My Hobbies.

Down time from work is precious. Here's what I like to spend my time doing.

I might not be Beethoven,
but I love to play


Nothing beats a nice run in
the fresh air


You'll often find me with my
Kindle in hand.

Family Time

I love spending time with
my wife and two girls.


App Development

When asked, i've always said i'm not a developer. But recently i've started playing around with some app development. It started as a hobby for apps that solve problems I have encountered. But, as I finished my first app, I thought it might be useful for others, so have released it to for Apple and Google devices.

I hope to add to my list of apps.

Rootless Voicings

As a pianist, learning and practicing my rootless voicings is crucial for playing jazz piano.

You can find the app on the

Apple App Store

Google Play Store


My Blog

I don't muse as often as I would like and most of the time it is work related so goes onto the Oracle Cloud Security blog. However, when I do have thoughts on something of note, you will find it here.

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