New swapping site…worth a look

I just signed up to a site i’ve just come across for swapping things in the UK. Might be useful for my used PS3 games. Check it out…….

Is the Olympics necessary?

In the current global economic crisis, it is really prudent to spend £9.2bn on the 2012 London Olympics. I’m sure the money could be put to better use…..

My First YouTube Post

I’ve decided to start posting videos to YouTube. Therefore, if you want a laugh at my poor attempt at Beethoven, please see here.

Is ALL water a wishing well?

I have this theory which seems to bear out no matter where I travel to in the UK….. When I was a child I used to throw pennies into wishing wells and make a wish. As I grew up I noticed the security protecting the coins getting stronger (however, I digress). What I have noticed now for a number of years is that any expanse of water contained in a… Read More »Is ALL water a wishing well?

Date of Birth on Facebook

It still amazes me that so many of my friends are displaying their date of birth on their public facebook profile. Don’t they realise how useful this is to potential Identity thief?

Identity Fraud has finally happened to me

Well its finally happened to me. After been very careful with my credit card details over the years, last week I finally fell victim to Identity Fraud. Yes, whilst checking my credit card transactions online, I noticed a airline ticket that I certainly didn’t buy. A call to my credit card company revealed two further airline transactions that had not yet been posted onto my statement. Within one day, 3… Read More »Identity Fraud has finally happened to me

iPod Graveyard

Where have all the original iPods gone? I have an 4GB iPod Mini. Its not that old and it serves my purpose. However, I seem to be the only person on the planet that has a pre-video iPod. What has happened to all of the people who bought older iPods. Do they just throw them away and buy new ones or is there some sort of iPod graveyard that they… Read More »iPod Graveyard

Strange Acquisitions

There are some acquisitions within the Identity space that come as no surprise. For example, when Sun acquired Vaau as a knee-jerk reaction to Oracle’s acquisition of BridgeStream (sorry, I had to get that jibe in), it came as no surprise. Equally, as the other independent role management vendors get bought up, that will be expected also. The only slight surprises may come from who buys who. However, every now… Read More »Strange Acquisitions

iPlayer on Wii

Yesterday, the BBC announced the their iPlayer can now be run on the Wii through the use of the Internet Channel and that they even hope to provide a separate channel to remove the dependancy on the Opera browser. I had to try it. How cool!!