App Development

When asked, i've always said i'm not a developer. But recently i've started playing around with some app development. It started as a hobby for apps that solve problems I have encountered. But, as I finished my first app, I thought it might be useful for others, so have released it to for Apple and Google devices.

I hope to add to my list of apps.

Rootless Voicings

As a pianist, learning and practicing my rootless voicings is crucial for playing jazz piano.

You can find the app on the

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Rootless Voicings is my first, of hopefully, manys apps. I'm really proud of this first milestone.

As a bit of history, you will see from my hobbies that I like to play the piano. Whilst i've played for many years, i've always been tied to sheet music and not had the freedom to just play. I'm a member of a fantastic online piano membership site, which amongst other things teaches you all of the skills needed to improvise and solo.

For jazz music, one of the crucial components to understand are rootless voicings. I started to learn these but saw an opportunity to write an app to help me, at the same time giving me the chance to learn some development skills.

Some time later and I have now released it into the big wide world.

The app currently has the following key features:

- Generate a random chord for you to play as a rootless voicing

- Enable or disable the display of the notes for that chord if you are still learning rather than practicing

- Enable you to filter the chords generated based on key type, and/or voicing type

- Use a timed mode to test your knowledge

- Listen to the chord as it should sound

- Play a bass note either by itself, before the chord, or with the chord

- Follow the circle of fifths anti-clockwise for your rootless voicings