Rootless Voicings Practice App – v4.1.0 What’s New?

I have just published the latest version of my Rootless Voicings Practice App. This is a minor update driven by a review I received over the weekend. If you have used my app, one of the features is the ability to either show or hide the notes that make up the chord being displayed. This is shown in the two screenshots below, where you can see the notes for the C69 chord displayed in the right-hand image and not the left.

This is controlled in the Settings tab

The review that drove this latest update said:

I love the idea of this app, very helpful. Would be great for me if the notes of the chord were hidden until I hit a button to check if I have them correct

I thought about this and agreed that would indeed be very useful, so I got to work. Within a couple of hours I had a prototype which I sent to the reviewer for feedback. The lady confirmed that the new capability is exactly what she was looking for, so I cleaned it up and pushed the update.

Now, if you have the note display turned off, you have the option of  temporarily revealing them for the displayed chord. Here is a little video showing what I mean. So, now you can work out the chord and use this as a check.

If you haven’t yet seen my app, but think it might be useful for you, you can download it for either Google or Apple:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

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